Building Managers

Building Manager Tasks:

  1. Point of contact with building occupants for facilities related concerns. Triage and determine next step needed to address the situation.
  2. Interface with Facilities Planning and Management (Maintenance and Custodial) to make sure they have access and are accomplishing tasks with minimal disruption to occupants. Develop relationships and provide occupants and lab/area managers with excellent customer service to assist with managing their needs and/or concerns.
  3. Assist with coordinating (email/postings) utility shutdowns for the building(s). Utilities include: power, water, lab utility, and HVAC related shutdowns that may impact research or general building occupants.
  4. Perform building inspections of interior public spaces. Create work orders and track to make sure work is being completed in a timely manner.  Assist building occupants on submitting work orders as needed.  Quarterly inspections of exterior of building(s), adjacent grounds areas, and exterior doors to make sure they are closing/locking.  Assist with coordination of space cleanups.

Building Manager Contacts:

Engineering Centers Building: Pete Nemmetz_pnemmetz@wisc.edu_608-890-3004

Engineering Hall: Eric Robson_ errobson@wisc.edu_608-262-0799

Engineering Research Building: Mitch Lange_mitchell.lange@wisc.edu_608-263-1624

Mechanical Engineering: Chris Crawford_ctcrawford@wisc.edu_608-417-9886

Material Science and Engineering: Chris Kailhofer_chris.kailhofer@wisc.edu_608-262-8175

Water Science: James Lazarcik_lazarcik@wisc.edu_608-262-2899

Wendt Commons: Maggie Muldowney_mmmuldowney@wisc.edu_608-571-7023