What To Do When Things Go Wrong

Please see options below on how to proceed in the event that something comes up that needs a response. (Emergency VS. Non-Emergency)


·     Emergency where a crime is in progress or is a threat to health, life and/or property requiring an immediate response from police, fire or EMS: Call 911 (Dane County Public Safety Communications)

·     Building maintenance issue that is a threat to occupant safety and property (air/water leak, major flood, odd/burning smell, etc.): Call 263.3333 (FP&M Customer Service)

·     After contacting the appropriate organization, please reach out to your building manager. https://facilities.engr.wisc.edu/building-managers/

They would like to be aware of any significant situations occurring in the buildings and assist if needed.


·     Observe suspiciously acting individual in the building: Call 264.2677 (UW Madison Police Department Non-Emergency)

Note: The general public is allowed access to our building public spaces (lobbies, atriums, corridors, etc.) as long as it is not within the established and posted building closed periods.  Only those who are enrolled or have the consent from an Authorized University Official may be present in a class, lecture hall, laboratory, orientation, examination, or other instructional sessions.  No person may be present in any university building if his or her presence or behavior interferes with the support of the university mission of teaching, research and service.    More information regarding these administrative codes can be found on the Chapter UWS 18 Conduct on University Lands website (see link below).  https://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/code/admin_code/uws/18

·     Non-Emergency Spills or Releases (Chemical & Biological Exposure and Spills and Radioactive Materials): Call 265.5000 (Environmental Health Services)

·     Clean-up of bodily fluids: Call 263.3333 (FP&M Customer Service)

·     General building maintenance (light out, stained ceiling tile, door/lock issue, etc.):  Call 263.3333 (FP&M Customer Service) or Electronic Request  https://wiscready.assetworks.cloud/ (Assetworks)